Courses & Awards

Come away from Lanzarote with a fresh set of skills and more confidence in your kayaking, or with a British Canoeing Award!

Why not learn to kayak or improve your skills in a warm water environment? You don't have to learn the Eskimo roll-but if you do, do it in a place where you'll actually enjoy getting a dunking! We offer courses for all levels from beginner to advanced, not only limited to skills and technique but also covering subjects such as leading groups on the sea, trip planning and navigation. We cater to all levels from beginner to advanced, and bespoke training is a half day session priced at 90€ with discounts applied for groups. We run leadership training courses at different levels, including for people who are just at Sea Kayak Award level and want to learn about leadership in calm conditions.

Everybody's level is different, so rather than having a rigid structure for each course, we adapt the training to your individual needs. So whether you want to learn more advanced techniques like hanging draw, high brace and Eskimo rolls or simply learn how to move the kayak backwards and forwards effectively and get back in the boat if you capsize, we have the course for you. And if you're thinking of getting a British Canoeing Award, now you can do this while on holiday in Lanzarote! We can deliver the Personal Performance Awards, up to and including the Coastal Sea Kayak Award. Personal Performance Awards are priced differently from our bespoke courses - get in touch to learn more, or check out our Facebook page where we advertise the course dates!

Pick-up available from accommodation in Playa Blanca.

Tell us what you want to learn and we can plan it together! Email: or click here!

Next Leadership Training dates will be moderate water 20th March to 24th March 2023, then another in calm water from 27th March to 31st March 2023. 5 days, 9am - 5pm.

Next Coastal Sea Kayak Awards will run from 20th February to 24th February 2023, then another from 4th April to 8th April 2023. 5 days, 9am - 5pm.

Next Sea Kayak Award will run from 6th February to 8th February 2023. 3 days, 9am - 5pm.

Next Mountain Navigation training courses will run from 11th June to 18th June and 2nd July to 9th July 2023 in Basque country. Contact us to book onto one of these courses or for information!